myPSpage’ is a (1) pager website that starts every time the internet browser is opened and is home to the web links that you go to often, categorised in 9 chapters.
Organise your internet favourites with custom titles, icons and “lost your link” functionality.
Other options include: “add a new link”, “edit category titles” and “edit/delete current links”
One Click” Internet browsing

View the tutorial to see how to sign up and use/edit/customise ‘myPSpage’.
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What does ‘myPSpage’ stand for?
my Personal Start page

What is ‘myPSpage’?

It is a free service whereby you can build and edit your own Home / Start page with all the links to websites that you require. When ever you open your internet browser (all browsers are compatible), your own ‘myPSpage’ home page will display.

There are 8 customised categories that you can load with links. The 9th category, called Hot Links will be for links you use on a daily basis such as your bank, weather, news, Facebook, etc.
The remaining 8 categories can be named as you wish and links added as per your requirements.
example: Category 2 renamed to Clients, and under this category you will load links to all your clients. Links will be loaded in alphabetical order with the ability to add a mini icon to each for ease of recognition

In a nutshell, it will take a little time to set up, but once you are done, Internet browsing will be easier and faster for you. No more searching for a link or having to type it in. Open your browser, once click and you have opened the required site.

How do I sign up?
Go to and on the home page is a sign up form. Simply complete this short form and you will then be auto redirected to your blank personalised start / home page. From here you will name your categories and begin loading your own links to websites.

What if I need to add a link later?
On your personal page, there is button called “Add Quick Link”. Simply open the mini window, select the category (from a drop down box) and add your URL of the website you wish to link to. Give it a title and optional icon and submit. Your link is visible immediately.

How do I delete a link?
A second button called “Edit your Links” is available with in depth options to move links, rename, change icon or delete.

Can I open my personal ‘myPSpage’ from another computer once I have signed up?
Yes. Simply go to and select Log In. Enter your e-mail address and password you gave on initial sign up and your page will load.

Can I change my Password and Personal details?
Yes, go to “Edit your profile” and make any change you require

How safe / private is ‘myPSpage’?
Security steps and cookies are in place so that no-one can access your information.

How do I delete my account?
Send an email to, subject: cancellation from the email account you gave on sign up. Our team will inactivate your account.
To remove the default landing page on your browser, go to your Internet Options tab and delete the ‘myPSpage’ URL from the Home Page field.

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